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Compact and modularly designed billet casters from Unisons International meet the requirements for the production of billet to roll to merchant bars including specialty steels for high-end applications.

Unisons offers, a full range of caster solutions is available that extend from standard, highly economical machines up to high-tech casters equipped with an array of advanced solutions to meet the demands for maximum productivity, operational flexibility and highest product quality.


Unisons is in an ideal position to advise and implement the optimum casting solutions for customers, both for new and existing plants.

Thanks to an integrated engineering approach that covers metallurgy, mechanics, fluids as well as electrics and automation, the plants supplied are characterized by their reliability to meet the defined performance targets with regard to productivity, flexibility and product quality. Extensive prior workshop testing of equipment and systems, the installation of modular technological and mechatronic packages, as well as the application to reduce project times to a minimum for both new plants and upgrades. This means short shut-down times during revamping and fast production ramp-up following plant start-ups. Producers benefit from a short return-on-investment and profitable, long-term casting operations.


Beam-blank casting results in fewer passes in the section mill, reduced energy use and lower production costs.

Near-net-shape casting is an energy-saving alternative to conventional bloom casting for the production of beams and sections. The greatest benefits can be derived through the direct coupling of the caster to the rolling mill. The special mold-taper design from Unisons offers a large operating window with respect to varying casting speeds and different steel grades. High-quality structural beams can be produced with a broad range of product dimensions.


Unisons today offers a comprehensive range of integrated equipment and system solutions to ensure high productivity, fast start-ups, short ramp-up times to full production and maximum casting flexibility.

Compact and modularly designed slab casters from Unisons, well proven in more than 400 references worldwide of our supplier, are distinguished by advanced technological packages and highest-quality casting equipment and components. Individual solutions can be developed to meet specific customer requirements – from minor component upgrades to full turnkey slab caster projects. The capability to cast a wide range of steel grades, slab thicknesses and slab widths on the same casting machine allows producers to quickly adapt to changing market demands.


Bloom casters from Unisons are characterized by their modular design, high operational flexibility and the use of robust machine components for reliable and long-term production.

More than 100 bloom casters supplied by our supplier  to date set the standards for high-performance bloom casting. In accordance with producer requirements, bloom casters are designed to comprise of smaller and lighter components that can bear high loads and stresses as well as accommodating larger bloom sections for the production of high-end products of outstanding internal quality.

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