Latest News : Alhamdulillah, Unisons Steel Solutions Pvt Ltd participated in the project kickoff meeting Pak Steel with Primetals Technologies Italy more details   Latest News : Alhamdulillah, PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES TO SUPPLY NEW BAR ROLLING MILL TO PAK STEEL, PAKISTAN more details   Latest News : Elind Induction Italy has partnered with Unisons Steel Solutions Pvt Ltd for the Erection and Commissioning of Induction Heater / Billet Induction Heating System at Naveena Steel. more details   Latest News : Unisons International has taken another step towards the modernization of Pakistan's Steel Industry, by conducting a 5 day training session at People's Steel Mills for Modern and Automatic Rebar Rolling Plant. more details   Latest News : Pakistan Steel Industry Requests For Breathing Room more details   Latest News : A massive increase in growth of the #Steel Market is expected with figures reaching up to USD 963.6 billion by the year 2027. This prediction was made by Market Research Future (MRFR), who also project the growth rate to be 2.5% between the years 2020 and 2027.more details   Latest News : Alhamdulillah, Unisons International is pleased to announce signing landmark agreements between our renowned supplier 5M Turkey and distinguished customer Fazal Steel and emerging client Platinum Steel for installation of 5M Furnaces. more details   Current Hot News : #MoldBodiesConcastIndia.. Unisons has get reversed engineering and designed the Mold Bodies of Concast India and Commissioned Successfully at Naveena Steel Plant.. more details    Latest News : #PollutionPlant.. Pollution Plant for Platinum Steel Karachi. more details   Latest News : #PollutionPlant.. Pollution Plant for Kamran Steel Lahore.. more details    Latest News : #LadleTurret.. Ladle Turret for Faizan Steel Karachi.. more details    Latest News : #PrimetalsTechnologies... One of India’s largest blast furnaces is still setting records. 2020 marks 3 years of successful operation of Jindal Steel & Power Limited, Angul Steel Plant Blast Furnace No. 1. Built using state-of-the-art #blastfurnace innovations from #PrimetalsTechnologies more details   Latest News : We are hiring. Kindly visit on the career page for ... more details   Latest News : Alhamdulillah, Unisons has commissioned all sizes in Naveena Steel Bar Mill on remote support as Italian are not available on site due to Corona. more details   Latest News : Alhamdulillah, Unisons Successfully completed Erection and Commissioning of CCM at Naveena Steel. more details


Unisons International has a complete portfolio of solutions for bar, wire rod, section and rail, and non-ferrous mills.

Today's demands for flexible and economic production of long products can only be met by production process, electrical and automation solutions that are based on precise process modeling, high-performance control systems and in-depth understanding of long product rolling technology. Drawing on more than a century of experience and proven solutions, Unisons has the answers to complex and diverse market demands – from the smallest upgrade to the greatest technical challenges for high-speed and special steel grade products. With our world-class equipment, processes and design tools, we set benchmarks for rolling long products. We offer worldwide proven and extensively preconfigured solutions, including modular standard packages as well as global and intelligent service concepts for the entire equipment lifecycle.


All components from Unisons is designed for high durability and maximum uptime during operation of the bar mill. From the high-productivity of rebars and merchant bars, to the best tolerance and quality for special and high-alloy grades, the high quality of the components as well as a reliable supply of spare parts ensure that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Head to tail welding of billet increases the material yield. Reversing breakdown mills and flexible roughing mills offer automatic operation in a compact installation. Multi-slit and high-speed technologies ensure that the requirements of high productivity of rebars are safely and efficiently guaranteed. Through bar-in-coil operation by V+ coilers, compact and twist free coils of bars and convex shapes are produced. State-of-the-art cooling technologies are available, to control distortion of merchant bars, for thermo-mechanical rolling and for quenching & tempering both carbon and alloy steels, including stainless. The 2+4 EVO reducing and sizing mill further improves dimensional accuracy of SBQ bars and better controls the metallurgical structure..


Speed, reliability and process flexibility are key to productive rod rolling operations -- for high volume small sizes, maximum uptime, and multiple sizes/grades with quality tolerances, metallurgical and surface properties.

As long rolling’s technology pioneers, Unisons apply knowledge and experience to supply your ferrous and non-ferrous mill’s best solution. The leading provider of efficient wire rod mill technology controlled cooling systems and thermomechanical rolling, we offer finishing blocks plus our High Speed Trim Shear and  High Speed Laying Head to roll reliably at high speeds for superior coil packages. For more difficult steel grades, our versatile Stelmor conveyor system creates a wide range of cooling conditions. Our coil reforming, handling and compacting systems deliver the highest quality coil for demanding markets.


Unisons offer a portfolio of solutions for light, medium and heavy sections, and rail. Advanced answers for an array of applications, from construction and building to railways for high-speed and heavy-haul application exist.

Universal stands provide precise deformation with a rigid and compact structure. 3+1 tandem mills increase yearly productivity in a small space for installation. Change-over times are reduced to a minimum by automated change systems. Reversing flat rolling blocks enable production of a large range of flat-bars, without need of any roll change. Horizontal and vertical straightening systems remove deformations caused by asymmetrical cooling effects. Stacking systems provide adjustable and flexible operation to handle different lengths. Inline cooling technologies improve the mechanical characteristics of medium-large sections and reduce its residual stresses, without expensive alloying elements. The idRHa+ inline and flexible rail hardening system applies defined cooling protocols to obtain the controlled microstructure and hardness distribution required for premium rails.


The cutting-edge technologies and processes for efficient rolling of long products.

Endless rolling of long products via direct rolling linked to the caster or welding billet head to tail plays an important role in minimizing the consumption of energy, improving product consistency, and maximizing yield.

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