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TUNDISH NOZZELS - Unisons International

Tundish Nozzles

The tundish nozzle is seen as the most critical component of the channel since it cannot be replaced during casting. In the development of casting channel refractories, capable of reducing clogging. Beyond our available products, several new designs and materials are in the development stage, creating the future generation of advanced clogging reduction nozzles. We offers a wide variety of extruded isostatically pressed tundish nozzles for slide gate or stopper rod applications. Designs allows our customers to reach over 30 heats or 25 hours of Aluminium killed slab casting. Similar performance is being reached in long product casting.

We provides a wide range of nozzle, gasket types to ensure the best possible joint sealing. The gasket materials and dimensions are custom designed to suit customers' operating conditions.

The Design

The best nozzles that can be offered to the casting operator. Their performance is due to the careful combination of 5 major components.
Optimum refractory pore size
Patented system of argon distribution channels
Argon containment within the nozzle
Leak free argon connector options
Proprietary sealant materials and process